5 billinnaires who control politics in Kenya

Cord co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka has come out to reveal the business people who are controlling Kenyan politics.

In his book, Against All Odds, Kalonzo showcases the role played by the business class in Kenya when it comes to resolving political disputes and maintaining sanity in the country.

Below are the top five billionaire businessmen in the country who pull the political strings.

1. Chris Kirubi

He is most probably Kenya’s most famous businessman but his influence in shaping the country’s economic and political policies remains to be a very top secret.

The French newspaper, Le Monde, recently named Kirubi as one of the top most Kenyan who were being spied on by the British government.

In his book, Kalonzo lists him as one of the businessmen who asked him to support the retired president Mwai Kibaki in 2007 general elections so that it would be a peaceful process.

2. Narendra Raval Guru

He is least known in Kenya but the Forbes magazine describes him as a steel tycoon and one of Kenya’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Narendra Raval Guru is the founder of Devki Groups worth Ksh. 650 billion.

In Against All Odds, Kalonzo reveals that the deal that saw him become the vice president in Kibaki’s cabinet was struck at the tycoon’s house.

3. Peter Munga and James Mwangi

James Mwangi is the CEO of Equity Bank whereas Peter Munga is the Chairman.

These two men would gladly want to safeguard the country’s stability.

Kalonzo names the two as a duo that encouraged him to work with the former president and avoid violence.

5. Jimmy Wanjigi

This is the head of Multibillion Kwach group of companies.

Kalonzo explains his influence in Kenyan political deals.

He says that Ruto and Jimmy sat silently in his house as Uhuru spoke and told him to choose another position but neither the presidency nor the deputy presidency.

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