Bado Mapambano was established in 2014 to facilitate grassroots civic engagement programming. The goal is to improve the democratic and economic health of African villages working in partnership with grassroots volunteers.

We operate as an independent trust under the supervision of CV GROUP (a community volunteer solutions consultancy, whose goal is to rebuild village economies), advisory of national and devolved Programs Advisory Committees, with policy guidance from a Board of Trustees.


Across the country, our volunteers are organizing for inclusive civic engagements and economic opportunities for all. Locally, grassroots action is focused on identifying, recruiting, subscribing, training, and empowering volunteers to work together to build village voices—structured groups of 15-30 volunteers—to take on civic engagement and community enterprise roles.

A group of 15-30 volunteers are coming together village by village to establish and sustain VILLAGE VOICES. Further, these VILLAGE VOICES coalesce county by county to establish and sustain COUNTY VOLUNTEER FORMATIONS. The trust’s lead consultancy, CV GROUP facilitates interventions related to the establishment of functional volunteer-led community Sacco/bank, village consumer cooperatives, and community foundation in various ways:

  1. Asset Based Savings;
  2. Savings Secured Loans;
  3. Investment Based Savings;
  4. Micro-insurance;
  5. FMCGs retail;
  6. Grant-making;
  7. Endowment-building;
  8. Donor-service;
  9. Social-finance; and
  10. Community Leadership


Bado Mapambano primarily exists to accomplish the following strategic objectives:

  1. Champion Volunteer Organizing;
  2. Design and execute Civic Engagement Campaigns;
  3. Organize Peoples and Leaders Conventions;
  4. Formulate and institutionalize Good Governance;


  • Vision

Africa, where every grass-root community enjoys holistic civic engagement opportunities.

  • Mission

To transform Africa’s socio-economic challenges into holistic civic engagement opportunities for all through Volunteer Organizing, Civic Engagement Campaigns, Peoples and Leaders Conventions, and institutionalized Good Governance.



Bado Mapambano is registered as a trust and has 4 distinct classes of trustees under the following categories: (i) Founder/Emeriti or their Nominees; (ii) Volunteer Nominee; (iii) Ex-officio Voting; and (iv) Special Interest. The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees (BOT). BOT consist of at least 3 and no more than 9 Trustees. A full BOT comprise 4 Founders, 2 Volunteer Nominees, 1 Ex-officio Voting, and 2 Special Interest. At every BM County, duly organized independent County Volunteer Group Boards are entrusted to govern operations

Within these limits, BoT may increase or decrease the number of trustees serving on it, including for the purpose of staggering the terms of trustees. Board sets policies related to PROGRAMMING AREAS, GEOGRAPHIC & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP  FOCUS,  REVENUE,  SPENDING,  INVESTMENT,  GRANT  MAKING,  MANAGEMENT, COORDINATION, OPERATIONAL, STAFFING, ADVISORY, GOVERNANCE & PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS, INTERNAL &  INDEPENDENT AUDITS, AND COMPENSATION & PERFORMANCE REVIEWS. Bado Mapambano also does institute a process to annually evaluate the performance of the BOARD, BOARD COMMITTEES, and INDIVIDUAL BOARD MEMBERS. Downloadable BYLAWS document offers more insights on GOVERNANCE.

  • Membership

Bado Mapambano is a volunteer membership organization and members constitute part of the governance structure. Bado Mapambano ensures effective participation of members in all activities. These members are a group of committed holistic community civic engagement volunteers whose sole interest is to improve the democratic and economic health of their communities. Membership is open to all volunteers who have a passion and interest in inclusive civic engagements and economic opportunities for all. For every county, it works to organize 6 volunteer coordinators; 4 volunteer managers/officers; 2520 Volunteer Youth; 2,160 Volunteer Leads; 62,640 Volunteer Generals; 21,600 Volunteer Sponsors; 10 Volunteer Donors; and 117 volunteer representatives.

  •  Management

Management is 8 member management team: (1) Founder Executive Chair; (2) Founder Executive Director; (3) Programs Director; (4) Finance Director; (5) IT Director; (6) Media Director; (7) HR Director, and (8) Legal Counsel. While at each county, activities are coordinated by duly organized independent County Volunteer Group Secretariats: (1) Volunteer Manager;(2) Database Officers; (3) Communications Officers; (4) Finance Officers, (5) Sub-County Volunteer Coordinators

  •  Advisory

The trust is under advisory of national and devolved special Programs Advisory Committees (PACS). PAC is a nine (9) Member team comprising BoT appointees from among accomplished civic engagement advisors who have demonstrated exemplary institutionalized service and expertise along the afore stated programming domains. PAC’s advice offers Board of Trustees as well as County Volunteer Formation Boards an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of inclusive civic engagement and sustainable economic opportunities for all interventions and/or programs.




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