JUBILEE ADMINISTRATION is on record having maliciously and meticulously withdrawn bodyguards of some Governors and Deputy Governors who are aligned to CORD. Security officers attached to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga have been withdrawn blatantly in violation and total disregard of the constitutional provisions which mandates the state which is now under Jubilee government to accord all Kenyans, irrespective of their social status, religious and political affiliations with security.
Jubilee has done the above purposely to intimidate and cajole the entire council of governors to abide by their will and wish however illegal and unacceptable it is to the public.
Consequently Jubilee has opened the floodgates for thugs, robbers, gangsters and burglars to descend into the houses or residences of Governors Kingi of Kilifi County and Awiti of Homabay County with Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga where they have made away with valuables and money including terrifying their families.
We need not to forget that it is not also surprising when police hurled teargas canisters which broke the face and nose of Bomet County Governor Isaac Ruto sometime back.
It is high time that the state should be stopped from aiding and abetting the endangering of lives and property of Kenyans who include governors by purporting to withdraw their security just because they do not support the party that is in charge of the government of the day. Security of citizens of Kenyans is not a privilege they get from the state. It is their right and a total obligation of the current government. The state has a mandatory duty to secure all Kenyans and their property irrespective of their social status and political affiliations.
As concerned Kenyans, we have realised that Jubilee has chosen to willfully and without any justifiable cause decided to withdraw the security of CORD governors who are critics of its inefficient policies, and therefore we call for the same to be held liable and responsible for the lawlessness and insecurity being experienced around the aforesaid governors.
We demand that the security of those VIPs and other endangered Kenyans be restored without further ado.
We also demand that serious investigations be launched to bring to book those perpetrators to justice without evasive, sugarcoated and seductive statements that are being manifested on the subject by the government side.
We ask the government and its machinery to stop these intolerant, heinous, primitive and outdated acts on leaders elected who do not subscribe to their ideals.
We also ask all Kenyans to keep vigil and be ready to protect their leaders in case the government is reluctant or is seen to be playing ball in this cat and mouse games for purposes of perpetuating the insecurity of their leaders.
BMM Secretariat

via Bado Mapambano Movement – BMM

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