Bado mapambano:10 years later ODM’s struggle continues

On September 1 2007, Raila Odinga was chosen to the presidential candidate for orange democratic party, ODM.
Raila Odinga then went ahead to launch his campaigns on October 6 2007 at Uhuru park.
The late Otieno Kajawang’, who was also a member of ODM led thousands of ODM supporters in singing the popular chorus,”bado mapambano” which means “the struggle continues.”
The song has since been associated with the opposition party. Even after Raila Odinga lost to Kibaki in what many termed as a rigged elections, the song did not die.
In 2013 general elections, the song was sung in almost every opposition campaigns.
Raila Odinga, who vied on a Coalition for reforms and democracy, Cord’s ticket again lost narrowly to Uhuru Kenyatta of the National Alliance Party.
Even after opposition party lost the 2013 elections, the song ‘bado mapambano’ still lingers on every Cord supporters lips.
10 years later, ODM is still struggling to clinch power, will this ‘bado mapambano’ campaign tool bear fruits this time round?

via Bado mapambano:10 years later ODM’s struggle continues

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