BREAKING: IEBC Database INFLITRATED and Compromised, Registration of Ghost Voters done in Hon Chirchir’s Home”- Raila REVEALS

By Raila Odinga
Today, we are here to demonstrate that the IEBC is currently registering foreigners and strangers to vote in the August 2017 election.
We have unearthed serious anomalies in the on-going voter registration that bring to questions the integrity of the register being compiled and the figures being released by the IEBC.

Our investigation has confirmed that numbers that do not qualify as identity card numbers have been used to register voters in parts of the country and that is responsible for what is being presented as high turnout in voter registration in those regions.

A random check shows that the following numbers have been used as national identification cards to register voters.

0 00 1 2 11 12 231 111 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 40

The IEBC database has been manipulated to ensure that the cell that has the document identification number can take any numbers instead of the eight (8) numerical national ID or seven numbers if a passport is used.

Having designed that cell as such makes it easy for IEBC to be complicit and difficult for anyone to know.

Below is a list of 8 people registered in the IEBC registry as voters using the identification document number 2 (as the national identification number.)

Identification Document Number Surname Family Name First Name
2 Gitonga Wilson Kimathii
2 Kanja Julius Ngede
2 Kihinge Evans Kariuki
2 Kirinya Victoria Gatwiri
2 Mu Ko
2 Mugara Duncan
2 Muia Mbinya
2 Wanjiru Caroline Nduta

We have information that the doctoring of the IEBC registration software was done intentionally by former employees of IEBC who are aliened to Jubilee as a way to ensure Jubilee strongholds register more voters.

The manipulation was done to ensure that single digit number such as the ones listed above can be used to register foreigners or even those without IDs.

But it is also possible that the names popping up under the fake ID numbers may be non-existent. These could be virtual voters, non-existent human beings being included in the IEBC register to create room for ballot stuffing during elections.

Information in our possession is that the doctoring exercise is currently being carried out in homes of a senior government official and the office of a former cabinet secretary.
The numbers above are only a drop in the ocean. The total number of people registered in the IEBC database using different combinations is estimated to be in the thousands.

A visit to any registration centre countrywide will reveal the above scandal is being carried out in a central location so long as one has the BVR kit linked to the IEBC database.

The IEBC must come clean on this matter. But not just that. These developments mean the audit and cleaning of the register is mandatory and has to be extremely thorough.

FEBRUARY 1 2017.


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