Those who have gone through the article must have seen one obvious lack of knowledge of the author.
British Intelligence Wing is the M16,Its like the CIA of America not GCHQ. In the public domain registry,the site Foreign Policy News is registered under domain ID 2062308914_DOMAIN_VRSN.
The registration City/State for this domain is Nairobi,Kenya and its postal code has been traced to 0030,Nairobi.
Same postal code is shared by The Daily Post blog.
Who runs The Daily Post blog?State House leprechaun Dennis Itumbi.

FP News was registered with the email [email protected],when traced the email belonged to a Franklin Njunguna,who resides at Nairobi’s Zimmerman Estate.(Refer to Itumbi’s last post about JKL after the Boniface Mwangi walk out,he says he was in Zimmerman Estate the day Boniface Mwangi walked out of the JKL interview,when he received a call to replace Boniface Mwangi as a guest on The Bench).
This explains why Francis Njuguna resides in Zimmerman Estate. Personal Contacts under the name is 0720401323. Njuguna’s online operations are mainly sealed by Tech Byte Solutions,an underground IT company involved in high level government propaganda and tracking down of dissents,including pro-opposition bloggers.
Thomas Green is fictitious character.He doesn’t exist and was brought to life to write the article and killed instantly there after by Franklin Njunguna,another ghost.


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