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With more than 21,600 Village Voices, 3,600 Volunteer Youth, 21,600 Volunteer Leads, 626,400 Volunteers, and 1,170 Peoples Representatives across the country, BM volunteers are fighting for inclusive civic engagements and economic opportunities for all.

These volunteers are coming together county by county to establish and sustain village voices in lots of ways:

  • Grassroot Manifesto – Issues identification, aggregation & prioritization
  • Partnership for Action – Communities and Industry Coalition Building
  • Volunteer Forums – Volunteer-Hall Conventions (VHC)
  • Leaders Debate – Leaders-Forum Conventions (LFCs)
  • Philanthropy – Community Foundations
  • Community SACCO/Bank – Asset-based savings & Investment-based savings
  • Village Supermarkets – consumer-cooperatives
  • Voices
  • Volunteers

get involved

Be a Volunteer

BMM Volunteering is open for ALL. It’s easy to get started, too—you can work as a group with friends and neighbors, or you can take action on your own.

Get Trained

BMM is strengthening the program at all levels of engagement through training of talent throughout the country with leadership development and training programs.

Become A Partner

At BMM, we are excited to partner and collaborate with progressive organizations to enable our volunteers achieve the desired objectives and community empowerment.

Become A Donor

Let’s finish what we started. Make a donation today to support Volunteer Organizing for real, lasting grass-root impact.

Share Our Story

You got some issues that matter to you? Our volunteers near you are more than glad to know about it—to create one conversation at a time. Share what you’re fighting for.

Village VOICE

Create momentum and changing the conversation on important issues—and you have an important role to play in growing this movement.

why volunteers choose us

Economic Opportunity

We strive for sustainable economic opportunity for our volunteers in partnership with stakeholders.

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Civic Engagement

With BMM Volunteering you’ll get inclusive,  action-packed and fair civic engagement.

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Grassroot Impact

BMM volunteers are the world’s best change agents in your area or community.

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impact projections

  • Activation
  • Impact

grassroots positions

volunteer youth (VY)

Volunteer and Earn while helping your community. Qualification?  KCSE/Certificate/Diploma/Degree.

volunteer general (VG)

Volunteer and Earn while changing lives! Qualifications? Love To Serve

volunteer lead (VL)

Volunteer and Earn while changing lives! Qualifications? Any community volunteer experience

volunteer sponsor (VS)

Adopt A Volunteer Group and make a difference in your community. Qualification? A very big heart!

volunteer for change!

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