Introduction Letter


Bado Mapambano was established in 2014 to facilitate grassroots civic engagement programming. The goal is to improve the democratic and economic health of African villages working in partnership with grassroots volunteers. We operate as an independent trust in strategic partnership with CV GROUP (a community volunteer solutions consultancy, and a multisectoral community social investment consortia whose goal is to rebuild village economies), advisory of national and devolved Programs Advisory Committees, resourcing of national and devolved Resource Mobilization Committees with policy guidance from a Board of Trustees. The trust envisions Africa, where every grass-root community enjoys holistic civic engagement opportunities. Our Mission is to transform Africa’s socio-economic challenges into holistic civic engagement opportunities for ALL through volunteer organizing, civic engagement campaigns, peoples and leaders conventions, and institutionalizing good governance.

Across the country, our volunteers are organizing for inclusive civic engagements and economic opportunities for all. Locally, grassroots action is focused on identifying, recruiting, subscribing, training, and empowering volunteers to work together to build village voices—structured groups of 15-30 volunteers—to take on civic engagement and community enterprise roles.

First, BM Trust facilitates interventions related to mobilization and organization of all defined volunteer categories county by county:

  1. identify, recruit, subscribe, and induct an average of 10 volunteer-donors, 9 volunteer advisors, 9 volunteer Directors, 4 volunteer managers/officers, and 6 volunteer coordinators
  2. Build/subscribe a community of 2,160 Volunteer Leads; 2,520 volunteer youth; 62,640 Volunteer Generals; 10,800 volunteer-logisticians; 10,800 volunteer-sponsors; and 117 volunteer-representatives; and
  3. Establish and nurture 2,160 VILLAGE-VOICEs.

Second, BM Trust facilitates interventions related to mobilization of increased number of people towards campaign issues including but not limited to ID/VOTER registration; Go to vote; Protect the vote:

  1. Continuous door-door and contact listing at a ratio of 1 volunteer to 7 house-holds;
  2. Design/implement Peoples Manifesto;
  3. Continuous ID/VOTER Registrations at 19 active service stations per day;
  4. Train 4,680 volunteer monitors, observers and agents for elections.

Third, BM Trust facilitates interventions related to periodic/effective peoples and leaders conventions:

  1. Annual County Volunteers Convention;
  2. Bi-monthly sub-locational Volunteer-Hall/peoples Conventions;
  3. Quarterly Volunteer-Representative/leaders Conventions; and
  4. Quarterly Volunteer-Sponsor/Donor Conventions

A group of 15-30 volunteers are coming together village by village to establish and sustain VILLAGE VOICES. Further, these VILLAGE VOICES coalesce county by county to establish and sustain COUNTY VOLUNTEER FORMATIONS. The BMM strategic partner, CV GROUP facilitates interventions related to the establishment of functional volunteer-led village supermarkets, community logistics, community bank, community foundation in various ways:

  1. Asset Based Savings;
  2. Savings Secured Loans;
  3. Investment Based Savings;
  4. Micro-insurance;
  5. FMCGs retail;
  6. Grant-making;
  7. Endowment-building;
  8. Donor-service;
  9. Social-finance.

From the foregoing, our programmatic approach draws largely from various volunteer networks including but not limited to volunteer donors/advisors/directors/managers/officers/coordinators/representatives/sponsors/logisticians/youth/leads/generals. We write to seek your support and partnership towards this noble goal. Further, we are requesting a meeting with you for further illustration at your earliest convenience.

Yours Faithfully,

Jaoko Oburu Odinga
Founder Executive Chairman
Bado Mapambano – BMM

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