It’s Not Cosy For Jubilee Party In Rift Valley

Like any other free-thinking Kenyan, Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto has the inalienable right to associate with whoever he deems fit.

The governor, who is also Chama Cha Mashinani party leader, does not need lecturers on who he should associate with and who he shouldn’t. The last time I checked, the Constitution protects the freedom of association and, therefore, those falling over themselves in their uncalled-for advice on Rutto’s political associates, should, instead, use their precious time doing something valuable. Rutto has not lectured Jubilee leaders on who they should hobnob with because they are free to do so.

A few days ago, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said at a political rally at the Green Stadium in Bomet that Cord leader Raila Odinga is keen to make Rutto his running mate next year. Such misleading remarks can only come from people who have been pushed into a corner politically, and fear falling off the radar. We all know who Murkomen is speaking for. He is an attack dog on a mission to malign Rutto’s name by making up stories that only exist in his fertile imagination.

Rutto made it clear that it is not unconstitutional for any leader from the Rift Valley to partner with Raila. Jubilee’s mandarins are known for their penchant for other people’s parties. Since September, they have forced more than 10 parties to fold up. Like the legendary ogre, the Jubilee Party swallowed them skin, horns and claws. In fact, some of the leaders of these parties are regretting why they accepted to be dissolved.

This is because what they were promised to join JP is not actually what is happening. For instance, the sole owner of the briefcase Tip Tip party, Kalembe Ndile, was left dazed after the hurried merger. Apparently, Jubilee had promised the comical politician a huge stake in JP and undisclosed goodies. That appeared to have been a mirage because in October, almost a month after his party was folded up, Kalembe was still waiting to be showered with gifts by JP.

via It’s Not Cosy For Jubilee Party In Rift Valley | The Star, Kenya

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