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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has accused the Jubilee administration of hatching yet another “secret water project” which he said would turn eight counties into deserts.

Raila’s latest dossier is on the Sh33-billion Itare Dam Water Supply Project in South West Mau Forest Water Tower meant to supply water to residents of Molo, Elburgon, Salgaa and Njoro in Nakuru County.

The former premier yesterday claimed the main purpose of re-directing the water to the targeted region is to “feed personal projects” belonging to top Jubilee leadership.

During a press conference at his Capitol Hill offices yesterday, Raila said the project would turn Bomet, Migori, Nyamira, Kisumu, Kisii and Kericho counties into deserts.

He said this is because the courses of 12 rivers, including Songol, Kipsonoi, Itare Ndoinet and Itare Kiptiget, will be diverted to collect up to 100 million litres of water per day.

Other rivers whose courses he said will be diverted are Sise, Itare, Chemosit, Timbilil, Diony Soet, Yurith, Kipchorian, Chemosir and Jamju in Bomet and Kericho counties.

He said the rivers, which feed Sondu, Gucha, Mara, Nyando and Migori rivers, will be diverted at their source in the Mau Forest for onward transmission to particular towns in Nakuru County. He said a 57-metre high barrier was being built to collect water from the rivers at the Mau source to create the dam. The dam will be located in Kuresoi Constituency, with a four-metre diametre tunnel that will run 14.5km underground, traversing Kuresoi, Molo and Nakuru towns. Raila said the Sh33-billion project has raised anxiety among residents and local experts. He said the government used fake signatures and names of non-existent persons to create the impression that there was public participation while there was none. Forged documents The only place such an exercise was carried out, he said, was in Nakuru where residents are recipients of the project, not the affected parties.
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