Kenya : Police brutality back in Kenya

Pictures of a police officer beating up a young man who took part in protests in Nyeri on Saturday reveal a shocking level of brutality. The young man, who is unarmed, is seen being kicked by the officer before others arrive. In Bomet County, police lobbed tear-gas at Governor Isaac Ruto, injuring him in the face. And during a recent demonstration in Nairobi, police lobbed tear-gas at journalists whose only crime was doing their work.

This prompted yesterday’s demonstration by more than 50 journalists in Kisumu who said police officers were infringing on media freedom. In Thika town, one man died after being hit by a stray police bullet when chaos erupted during a musical show. Why did the police resort to live ammunition to restore order?

This is not the first time the police are in the limelight for the wrong reasons. They have often been accused of violating human rights, including extrajudicial killings, torture, physical and psychological abuse.

Police action in the recent past has been unnecessary and unconstitutional. Police officers are professionals and must show greater restraint when it comes to quelling unrest. Inspector General Joseph Boinett must order thorough investigations into the allegations of police brutality and take action against any officers involved.

via Kenya : Police brutality back in Kenya – The Standard

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