Kenya : Raila Odinga asks Kenyans to prepare for Uhuruto exit

CORD leader Raila Odinga has told Kenyans to start preparing for the exit of the Jubilee government next year.

Raila said Jubilee rule was on its last leg and told those supporting it to read the signs of the times and start preparing for a new regime.

He said President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, had done little for Kenyans to deserve a second term in office.

The Opposition leader, however, said for the change of leadership to be realised, those yearning for it must continue registering as voters in large numbers to ensure a landslide victory against the Jubilee team.

Speaking in Kisumu yesterday where he met youth groups and boda boda riders, Raila said Uhuruto’s exit could be confirmed as early as February next year after the close of the mass registration of voters that begins in January, ahead of the August 8, 2017 General Election.

Raila, who likened the presidential race to one between a hare and a tortoise, said the Opposition is more determined than never before to form the next government.

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Unfounded fears

“We are now ahead of them and the voter registration exercise that is set to begin in January 16 is what will confirm they are on their way home,” said the CORD leader.

Raila said the Opposition has enough numbers to dislodge Jubilee from power and urged Kenyans to come out in large numbers and register as voters.

He, however, raised concerns over information that the Jubilee government will do everything to ensure it remains in power.

“We know they will not be willing to accept defeat but they need to know that the country is now ready to send them home,” said Raila.

He accused the Jubilee administration of doing little to improve the economy of the country and only relying on projects started by the coalition government in 2008.

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“Jubilee government is now only running on reserve oil, which we made during the coalition government. All the projects they are claiming to have done are plans we outlined while in the coalition government,” said Raila.

The Opposition leader accused the Government of increasing poverty levels in the country by sidelining some regions in development. As a result, he said, many Kenyans have been forced to migrate to Nairobi to look for opportunities because of lack of industries.

“In Kisumu for instance, the Government has not started any industry in this region. Jubilee is only interested in improving their backyard,” said Raila.


He said Uhuru and his deputy, Mr Ruto, were only busy taking credit on projects that were pioneered by the oOpposition during the tenure of the coalition government.

“The Standard Gauge Railway is not Uhuru’s project, it is ours,” said Raila, adding that the Opposition was also responsible for spearheading other projects and roads including the Lapset project.

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He said none of the projects that the Jubilee government promised Kenyans has been implemented like the laptop project and creation of employment.

“They said they will bring laptops, have you seen any laptops?” posed Raila, adding that the roads the Government has been opening were mere public  relations and campaign gimmicks.

“There is no road that the Jubilee government will build in the next seven months but yet every day, they are launching a new road,” he said.

“The country works on a budget and none of those roads they are busy opening were included in the budget,” said Odinga.

He said the reason Uhuru chose to go for power in 2013 was to enable him clear his name from the International Criminal Court.

via The Standard – Kenya : Raila Odinga asks Kenyans to prepare for Uhuruto exit

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