In the past few days, the majority leader Aden Duale has in various ways tried to divert the attention of Kenyans from the Jubilee government muddy corruption episodes by trying to relate some of the corruption scandals in the CORD led counties to the Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. On Friday, Duale made an assurance that he would introduce a motion in parliament to discuss the involvement of Raila Odinga in the corruption problems facing some of the counties such as Kilifi County.

It however cannot escape the knowledge of any right-thinking Kenyan, one who is not as forgetful as Duale himself that, the Jubilee regime has often used diversionary tactics to sandwich Kenyans into confusion every time a mega scandal surfaces. If memories might serve Kenyans right, after the terrorist attack on Garissa University, an attack which Intelligence reports revealed to have been orchestrated by local Al-shabaab operatives in the North-Eastern region, Aden Duale called a press conference within the parliament Building and promised that he would release the list of terrorist financiers in Kenya, and expose their whole network, a statement which was timely and very convenient for a government which had clearly demonstrated lack of expertise in dealing with terrorism. It’s now one year and seven months since Duale’s proposition of the announcement of the terrorist financiers and sympathisers but the list is yet to be released.

But the character of Duale of convenient propaganda doesn’t just stop at terrorism. Duale is the leader of government business in the National Assembly, a house that has the Ruling coalition members of parliament as the majority, but which has consistently refused to debate the TJRC report 3 and half years after the commission, which operated, investigated and made its findings and recommendations from taxpayers money. Duale has failed to introduce a motion to discuss the same report. One would question which one between discussing the core of division of Kenyans, the history of Kenyans division, the genesis of Kenyans ethnic problems and discussing the personality of the opposition leader is more important to the country. Is it not so convenient that the leader of government business would like to introduce such a motion at a time that his Boss and close confidants and himself have been named in the NYS looting at the Devolution ministry by their former ally-turned-foe Ann Waiguru? These are diversionary tactics that Kenyans must learn to read and not fall prey to.

When the NYS scandal was revealed by the Opposition leader, it is Aden Duale who came out the strongest in the defense of Ann Waiguru. Together with his friends who now turn out to have been the greatest beneficiaries of the yet to be revealed billions of shillings at the Devolution ministry, made scathing attacks on Raila’s personality, with some of them, who would later be ‘surprised’ to find chunks of millions in their accounts for their ‘noble services’ labelling Raila Odinga as the ‘Lord of Poverty’.

They say time heals all wounds, but in Kenya, time reveals a lot about people who defend the government’s consistent looting of its people. How many times can Kenyans take a lie from the same government and from the same looters who would only point fingers to others when they are mentioned in corruption deals?

If Kenyans were to be serious with anything that comes from Aden Duale, then he should begin by releasing the names of the terrorist financiers, whether they are his friends or relatives or otherwise. He should them soberly and legally and with proof to exonerate himself from the NYS scandal. He should be able to prove to Kenyans that he and his friends Murkomen and The Deputy president’s aide Farouk Kibet did not benefit from the loot. If he does these successfully, Kenyans would then consider him worthy of their listening ears. Until then, Aden Duale remains just but a petty and pathetic sycophant of a corrupt regime and a government hypocrite who uses the media to escape justice.

There’s no nation that can be built on lies. It is so unfair that some leaders in government use every little opportunity of influence they grab to get rich and leave Kenyans guessing how much they might have looted while still pointing fingers elsewhere. Aden Duale must man up, ‘face the knife’, and prove to Kenyans that he is not a thief and not as corrupt as the people he is asking to take responsibility for their abuse of office.

via The Standard – Kenya: Citizen Journalism | | WHAT ADEN DUALE IS NOT TELLING KENYANS

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