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A lobby group to drum up support for ODM leader Raila Odinga’s fourth presidential bid will be launched in Mombasa next month.

The Bado Mapambano Movement chaired by Mr Jaoko Oburu will lobby for increased issuing of identity cards and voter registration in Cord strongholds starting next month.

Mr Oburu, a son of nominated MP Oburu Oginga, was also in charge of Friends of Raila, a group that campaigned for Mr Odinga in 2013.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is the patron of Mr Odinga’s main lobby group that will be in charge of all new and existing campaign teams.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation, Mr Oburu said the group will be fully operational after the official launch next month.

“This is going to be the mother of all lobby groups supporting Mr Odinga’s bid. We want to work for enhanced voter and national identity card registration in readiness for the final exercise by the electoral commission next year,” Mr Oburu said.

He said the group has been holding talks with Mr Odinga to discuss strategies.

“We also want to ensure that this time we secure our votes after polling at all centres around the country,” he said.
The group has been recruiting leaders in the 47 counties.

“We learnt some lessons from past political failures and this time we will get everything right,” he said.

Up to two million potential voters are yet to register in Cord strongholds while in the last election, close to 1.7 million registered voters in areas it dominates did not turn up on voting day.

“We will move around the country mobilising young people to register after which we will launch a ‘get out and vote’ campaign,” he said.

The group is also working with a consultant to help lay its structures before its operations could be launched.

The lobby group’s National Coordinator told the Sunday Nation that the group is supporting free and fair party primaries in ODM to ensure perennial incidences of voter apathy are dealt with.


“We want to eliminate hurdles that previously made it difficult for Mr Odinga’s smooth ride to victory. We will support free and fair party primaries as well,” he said.

He called on party leaders including Governors, MPs and MCAs to lend support to the organisation in order to enable it achieve its mission.

“We are calling for support from all quarters in order to ensure that we achieve the mission for which this organization was formed,” a BMM official said.

After the Mombasa’s national launch-the group will establish bases in all the 47 counties to ensure efficient campaigns.

The lobby group will work with both professionals and political leaders to ensure inclusivity in its operations.

Other than the political campaign the lobby is also proposing the set up of major trust fund to lead economic empowerment initiatives in the Cord strongholds.

“Bado Mapambano Trust is a logical nexus for good governance, organising volunteers and institutionalising community civic engagements, “read a document seen by the Sunday Nation.

According to the leaders the group will also launch bases in various cities around the world to help coordinate and monitor the Diaspora participation in next year’s General elections.

IEBC is expected to launch the Diaspora voter registration before the end of the year. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of Kenyans living abroad will be participating in next year’s elections and parties will have to engage them.

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