Mishi Mboko alleges NYS recruits are secretly being registered as voters

President Uhuru Kenyatta greets National Youth Service recruits after a parade at the NYS college in Gilgi DAILY NATION

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Mombasa Woman Representative Mishi Mboko has sensationally claimed that the government secretly registered thousands of NYS recruits without their knowledge.

According to Mboko, all the recruits who have received training had their biometric information captured, including their fingerprints, identification numbers, and photographs.

The vocal Mombasa legislator stated that she got wind of the problem after one of her constituents who had attended the NYS training school, was informed that she was already registered as a voter even though she was undertaking the exercise for the first time.

“A girl went to register for the first time but on getting to the station, she was informed that she was already registered as a voter at Vision polling station. When we queried her on the anomaly, she informed us that their details had been recorded while they served at the NYS,” Ms Mboko narrated.

She, however, called on Mombasa residents to come out in large numbers and register themselves as voters.

Speaking during a mobilisation drive in Likoni, the MP noted that it was important that a forensic and thorough audit of the IEBC register is done after the registration exercise ends.

A number of CORD politicians have in the past week claimed a plot to rig the elections through fraudulent registration.

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