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BMM works with volunteers to facilitate interventions related to mobilization and organization of all defined volunteer categories county by county to:

  1. identify, recruit, subscribe, and induct an average of 60 volunteer coordinators, 40 volunteer managers/officers and 25,200 volunteer youth;
  2. Build/subscribe a community of 21,600 Volunteer Leads; 626,400 Volunteer Generals; 216,000 volunteer-sponsors; 10 volunteer-donors, and 1,170 volunteer-representatives; and
  3. Establish and nurture 21,600 VILLAGE-VOICEs.
civic engagement campaign

BMM facilitates interventions related to mobilization of increased number of people towards peoples issues campaign including but not limited to ID/VOTER registration; Go to vote; Protect the vote:

  1. Continuous door-door and contact listing at a ratio of 1 volunteer to 7 house-holds;
  2. Design/implement Peoples Manifesto;
  3. Continuous ID/VOTER Registrations at 19 active service stations per day;
  4. Train 46,800 volunteer monitors, observers and agents for elections.
peoples conventions

BMM facilitates interventions related to periodic/effective peoples and leaders conventions:

  1. Annual County Volunteers Convention;
  2. Bi-monthly sub-locational Volunteer-Hall/peoples Conventions;
  3. Quarterly Volunteer- Representative/leaders Conventions; and
  4. Quarterly Volunteer-Sponsor/Donor Conventions
institutionalized good governance

BMM facilitates interventions related to institutionalizing good governance tenets:

  1. Safety & Rule of law;
  2. Public Participation & Human Rights;
  3. Sustainable Economic Opportunities for all; and
  4. Human Development
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