Petition Against MANUAL Election System

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We invoke this Petition on such democratic and justice principles well-enunciated in the pre-amble to our Constitution of Kenya 2010, which principles RECOGNIZE the aspirations of ALL Kenyans for a Government based on essential values of democracy, equality, equity,freedom and social justice. We seek to address inter alia the below listed issues:

1.    Uphold the bipartisan electoral laws reform to ensure free, fair, transparent, efficient, accurate and accountable elections
2.    Any other amendments ancillary to the above amendments

It is clear that Kenyans REJECT the MANUAL election system thus everything we value most about our nation is at risk.

The “Citizens’ petition” will boldly demonstrate that Kenyans across the political spectrum want Law makers and the President to uphold the framework and Resolutions of Joint Select Committee on IEBC and Electoral Reforms 2016 and other bipartisan plans to avert the looming crisis.

#ElectoralLawPetition        #BadoMapambano            #BMM

This petition will be delivered to:
President, Republic of Kenya
Uhuru Kenyatta
Parliament of Kenya
Members of Parliament
Senate of Kenya

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