Raila calls for mass action after Jubilee passed IEBC amendment

Cord leader Raila Odinga has called on Kenyans to participate in a peaceful, non-violence mass action from Wednesday 4th January 2017 from 8:00 am across all 47 counties.

Odinga said the move come in after 3 days of the opposition engaging the ruling coalition to forsake the passage of the election amendment bill which approves the use of manual vote counting in case the electronic system fails.

“It is with great disappointment that we as the Coalition for reform and democracy as well as our partners in political parties announce that we are going back to the people, it is time for peaceful, non-violent and legal mass action,” said Raila.

The former Prime Minister said Jubilee was not respecting the will of the people hence the thought it crucial to engage them in mass protest to preserve the freedom of speech.

“Elections can no longer be rituals to impose the will of a few on the majority of Kenyans. We seek to preserve the sanctity of election and ensure they remain a sacred platform through which Kenyans can elect leaders of their choice,” said Raila.

“We will wear the anti-reformists down with our capacity to endure and in the process, we will win hearts and minds with that same capacity to endure,” he added.

via Raila calls for mass action after Jubilee passed IEBC amendment

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