Raila’s anti-rigging fix: Opposition will have 450,000 agents across Kenya

ODM leader Raila Odinga has for the first time signalled how the opposition intends to protect its presidential votes – it will have 450,000 agents across the country.

Raila, who wants to be the NASA flagbearer, yesterday said the opposition will have at least 10 agents in every poling station.

The strategy dubbed “adopt a poling station” will ensure all the opposition’s supporters vote. Raila said this will “stop Jubilee from rigging the election”.

“You are soon going to get information on how to adopt a polling station,” he told members of the Bunge La Mwananchi caucus.

There were claims Cord failed to deploy agents in Jubilee strongholds in 2013, creating room for manipulation of results.

Raila said the agents will be in constant communication with a central command team at the secretariat.

The agents will also send immediate results from polling stations to the NASA presidential tallying centre.

“Political parties are allowed to have tallying centres. I have been hearing them say nobody is allowed to have a parallel tallying centre. No, no, no,” Raila said.

The Jubilee brigade, led by Deputy President William Ruto, said the parallel tallying system is illegal.

But Raila said neither Jubilee nor the IEBC have the power to determine whether a parallel tallying system can be set up. He said agents’ responsibilities will include consistently checking who has not voted, according to the polling station’s voter register and tracing their whereabouts to ensure they vote.

“We want to have a situation that by 10am or 11am, Jubilee goes home,” Raila said.

A robust opposition plan last year was credited for the win by opposition candidate Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana against then President John Mahama.

Raila attended Akufo-Addo’s inauguration in Accra and later held private talks with the long-time opposition leader. Raila said constituency results will be the final point of monitoring and will eliminate chances of manipulation at the national tallying centre. He told media houses to broadcast live results and have their own tally.

Raila said this is a globally accepted practice. He said, “You saw in America, they showed results in polling stations, Trump verses Clinton.”

via Raila’s anti-rigging fix: Opposition will have 450,000 agents across Kenya | The Star, Kenya

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