The TRUTH About The State of VOTER REGISTRATION- The Mess at IEBC and STATEHOUSE Propaganda


From week One, when the IEBC released its first report on the progress of voter registration, a narrative that has been popularized is that Jubilee strongholds are doing better than CORD/NASA ones. They’ve thrown around percentages to back this assertion. This is only half the story.

The following are true:
1. The figures given for opposition-leaning areas reflect the true picture and are still low.

2. Highlighting percentages and not absolute figures hide the fact that in actual numbers more voters have been registered in opposition counties than in Jubilee-dominated ones. My computation of Week Three reports showed that CORD/NASA have registered 1,052,773 voter’s against Jubilee ‘s 893,409; with 127, 270 in battleground counties. Remember, 60% of 350 is less than 40% of 600!

3. The unusually high figures in Jubilee strongholds are a reflection of illegal BVR registrations done using the data of NYS cohorts, which will be expunged from the register.

The narrative that Jubilee is leading is being popularized to justify the intended manipulation of electoral outcome and to discourage people in Opposition areas from registering to vote in an election whose results are already fixed by the “tyranny of numbers ”

As we continue to urge our supporters to register in large numbers for an unassailable victory, they need to know that history and victory are on our side.

Questions we need to ask:
a) If Jubilee is as confident of victory as they claim, Why are they trying to have multiple registration status ? Why fraudulently register as voters those who had applied to join NYS? Why’d they insist on the so-called manual back-up?


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