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CV Group

CV Group

Community Volunteer Solutions
CV GROUP is a community volunteer solutions consultancy and a multi-sectoral social investment consortia, which designs & implements community social enterprise models. It envisions transforming African Job-seekers into Social Investors with a goal of rebuilding village economies. Mission is to excavate & build upon African off-grid markets, sustainable community social investment opportunities for ALL through Social entrepreneurship. CV started as an off-grid market distribution model for solar solutions.</p> <p>CV GROUP Consultancy areas: (i) VOLUNTEER Organizing; (ii) SACCO Development; (iii) PHILANTHROPY Development; (iv) ENTREPRENEURSHIP Development; (v) APPRENTICESHIP Development; (vi) PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Provision; (vii) CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Programming; (viii) LEADERSHIP Development; (ix) IT Enabled Services (ITES); (x) DATA-BASE Management; (xi) MEDIA Development; (xii) LOGISTICs; (xiii) R&D; and (xiv) INFRASTRUCTURAL Development<br />

Devolved Governments

County Governments of Kenya
The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 creates a decentralized system of government wherein two of the three arms of government; namely the Legislature and the Executive are devolved to the 47 Political and Administrative Counties as provided for under Article 6 and specified in the First Schedule. The primary objective of decentralization is to devolve power, resources and representation down to the local level. To this end, various laws have been enacted to create strategies for the implementation framework and the adoption on which objectives of devolution can be achieved. Public participation is central to devolution and Bado Mapambano partners with devolved governments to institutionalize public participation, sustainable economic opportunities for all and other good governance tenets.

Ministry of Devolution and Planning

The Republic of Kenya
Why this ministry is strategic to us: Inter-governmental relations; Capacity building & technical assistance to devolved governments; Office of Mgt & Budget; Public service reform & performance Mgt; R&D and Service Delivery Innovations; HR Mgt & Devt; Training and Capacity Building; Organizational Design & Devt; Career Design & Devt; Public sector transformation including operational standards and process re-engineering; National Economic & Social Council and Vision 2030 Advisory; National Devt Planning; National Statistics Mgt; M&E of Economic Trends; Economic Commission for Africa; National Census & Housing Surveys; Coordination of Constituency Devt Fund; Public Benefits Organizations (NGO) Coordination and Mgt; Shared Services; Kenya National Youth Policy; Youth Employment Policy; Youth mainstreaming & National Devt; Youth Enterprise Devt Fund; Kenya National Youth Council; Kenya Association of Youth Centres; National Youth Service; Community Development Trust Fund; Kenya School of Government; NEPAD/APRM (AU PROTOCOL); Inspectorate of State Corporations.
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